Difference Between Wordpress Vs Blogger - Best Site To Make A Blog- Prons & Cons
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WordPress Vs Blogger: Best Site To Make A Blog- Prons & Cons

Difference Between WordPress Vs Blogger - Best Site To Make A Blog- Prons & Cons

WordPress Vs Blogger: Best Site To Make A Blog- (Prons & Cons )

If you intend to launch a blog or website soon you need to more focus important factor WordPress Vs Blogger, you will have to deliberate about many aspects and details. From platform to web hosting, SEO, and the themes, all are crucial for your online presence. When it comes to platform, there are quite a few popular ones that are used by millions across the globe. They are Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium and Stumble Upon.

The top two choices are WordPress Vs Blogger as they provide the simplest means to create and to manage the website or blog. The comparison of WordPress vs Blogger gave below will enable you to get the necessary details and to choose the best one indeed.

Difference Between WordPress And Blogger:

1: Appearance:

On WordPress, there are numerous themes which can add or change at any time. This will enable you to provide a professional look to your website with the changing needs and time. No matter what type of website or business it is, you will find a suitable theme for it. There are plenty of high quality and beautiful themes which can be customized according to your choice.

By default, Blogger only has the limited number of templates to choose from. Through the built-in tools, you can change the layout and colors of the template. However, you cannot make a modification or create new templates. Presently, some non-official Blogger templates are available online, but they are not much impressive.

2: Control:

The best part of using WordPress is that it is an open-source software so you can add extra features at any time. Presently, there are thousands of WordPress available for you to choose from that will enable you to modify or change the default feature. That is you can create a portfolio or even add a store to your website.

Blogger is only a basic service that does not allow you to make changes. It is integrated with limited tools through which you can perform only particular tasks on your website. If at any time, you need to add a valuable thing you cannot do it at all which is a limiting factor indeed.

3: Ownership:

With WordPress, you will use the WordPress hosting provider that will host your website. You have the choice to run it as long as you want and can even shut it down if you chose to migrate to another hosting platform. You have the authority to control your data and all the data belongs to you only. You can share any information with the third party as well.

The Blogger platform is being provided by “tech gait Google”. It is free to use and has been found reliable for most of the time. The information or content that you publish on Blogger is not owned by you. Google runs the platform for you so it only has the right to shut it down or even block your access to the content it any time even without any reason.

4: Portability:

WordPress allows you to migrate your website to another platform. You can host it on different web hosting provider and even change the domain name if you like. Or else if you want you can move your website to other content management system as well.

If want to migrate your website from Blogger, then it will be a daunting task for you. There is a huge risk of losing search engine rankings, followers, and the subscribers as you move it. Though Blogger allows you to move your content it will take a lot of time as the data resides for much time on the Google ’servers.

5: Support:

You will find an active community support system for WordPress. You can get assistance from experienced WordPress developer and users through online documentation, IRC chatrooms, and the community forums. In fact, different companies are also offering premium support for WordPress.

With Blogger, you have limited support available. Your choices are limited in terms of support and there are only basic documentation and the user’s forum.

6: Security:

Mostly, WordPress is safe and reliable. However, since it is a self-hosted platform, you are responsible for backups and security. You can make use of different plug-ins to secure your data and the website.

If you use Blogger you get the advantage of being secured by Google’s robust security platform. You don’t need to worry about your resources, backups or the website at all.

7: Future:

Since WordPress is an Open Source software, its future or the updates aspect is not dependent on one individual or company. Being developed by a community of users and developers, it is used by millions across the world. Its future is promising and bright for sure.

For a long time, there have been no major updates for Blogger, so its future is not too reassuring. We did already witness the culmination of AdSense for feeds and Google Reader in the past. So, the future of Blogger rests with Google and what it intends to bring or to end it as well.

If you look at the WordPress vs Blogger comparison, it clearly states that WordPress has many advantages over Blogger. The ease and flexibility that you get with WordPress platform are not present with Blogger to that much extent. The control, management, and layout of your website or blog can only be made compelling through WordPress only.

A Long Comparison Between WordPress And blogger:




  Yourdomain.blogspot.com is blogger’s free platform. “Your domain” is name whatever you want and “BlogSpot” showing that its free Google services.

www.yourdomain.com which is not a free Google service as firstly you have to buy or register your domain name that should exactly match with your brand and now it’s yours. That’s true.


    Its Google property which means “Hosting” is free and your content can be shut down at any time even without any reason. Then, in that case, what’s your feelings will be?

As you have to get your own hosting so it is owned by you and it is only controlled only and only by you. Then, in that case, you have the feeling like it yours.

Memory space

Blogger space is less such as it is almost 20GB and you have to purchase or extend your space you need to connect with Google.

WordPress space is enough as you don’t need to purchase extra space you need to  connect with Google and its entirely depend upon the package you are using (as it cheap or expensive)


Customizing or designing is very easy in Blogger.

Designing in WordPress is not easy because you have the  knowledge about all tools in WordPress (for editing or changing )


Blogger has not plugin instead it has widgets used for enhancing the speed.

 The plugin is used by WordPress which is also used for enhancing the speed.


   It is limited on Blogger. You have to follow some rules for showing your ads and advertising in Blogger is not as easy as it is less control.

It is high control in WordPress as you can easily show your ads anywhere on your site.

WordPress vs Blogger: Why WordPress will be a safe bet for you?

1: Social Media Websites:

Many people who are active on social media platforms like Stumble Upon, Delicious and Reddit are aware that they are not friendly with Blogger blogs. It will only be favorable if you use a custom domain. WordPress is more recognized and considered a viable option as it keeps on adding the latest updates and releases a new version with more functionality and features.

However, using WordPress is costly. Unlike Blogger, you need to pay the fee to WordPress for hosting your blog or website and sometimes using the themes incurs a fee too. Still, with time WordPress will help you to make them of it from your blog or the website.

2: AdSense:

AdSense is the sustenance for any Blogger to earn good revenue online. The revenue that gets generated through AdSense depends on the nature of the ad, where it gets placed and the traffic source. Initially, Blogger had made it easier for users to get their accounts approved in no time. Later on, in the recent past, it has become tough for users to get their AdSense account approved with Blogger.

Yet, with WordPress, you will get your website or blog with the domain email address approved in easy steps.

3: Plug-ins and Support:

WordPress has been blessed with attractive and meaningful features like plug-ins and themes. Above all, there is a support from its strong community of developers and the users. WordPress makes it’s simpler for the user to use simple plug-ins for different needs. Through the plugins, you can achieve anything you like at any time. If you feel trouble, you can always take help from WordPress support forum where you will get the custom code.

Yet, with Blogger it is a tedious and boring task to edit a theme to showcase related posts or even to add some features.

4: SEO:

The search engine optimization is all about traffic which is the primary aim of the website owners and bloggers to get maximum reach that leads to sales. If you compare WordPress with Blogger you will see that it’s much easier to optimize WordPress for SEO purposes as there are plenty of options to choose from. On the other hand, Blogger provides only certain settings to do so.

5: Reputation:

WordPress enjoys a far superior and good reputation than Blogger. Hosting a website or blog on WordPress means that it’s a paid service and users are serious about their business on this platform. Since Blogger is free so there are many people who have misused it in many different ways like spamming, affiliate landing pages and even Black Hat SEO purposes.


I hope you love it so much so if you have some extra knowledge and if miss out the anyone superb point related difference between WordPress Vs Blogger it’s your turn share with us through the outstanding commenting discussion I really appreciate your feedback or comments for the WordPress Vs Blogger relations.

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