reasons to installed WordPress Jetpack plugin
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10 Reasons To Install WordPress Jetpack Plugin on Your Dashboard

reasons to installed WordPress Jetpack plugin

What is the WordPress Jetpack plugin

WordPress jetpack Plugin is a complete toolkit for the functionality of the website. It is a single plugin that comprises suitable and handy features for the WordPress website. From hosting to infrastructure, website design, and WordPress theme, Jetpack WordPress can be used for simple social sharing, robust stats, and plenty of other aspects respectively.

10 Reasons To Install WordPress Jetpack Plugin on Your WordPress

According to a few users of the WordPress Jetpack Plugin, at some stage, it comes handy for creating custom websites for clients. There is always a need to install a sharing plugin, a plug-in to sync the social services, easy ways to add content on the sidebar, and for other essential features of the websites. WordPress Jetpack Plugin is able to tackle all such essential aspects and provides the best WordPress help in the best possible manner.

1: Automatically Social Sharing

For you to ping your social services automatically, you can make use of ‘Publicize’ that is a built-in cool module for sure. The ‘Publicize’ posts new content on the social media websites on your behalf. It is an invaluable feature that supports different services, unlike other tools on the web.

One notable aspect is that the user interface of Publicize is easy to understand and extra care had been taken to ensure the usability of the plug-in for the effective usage by the users. Presently, With the help of Publicize supports WordPress Jetpack Plugin automatically share your latest post on social like Tumblr, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Automatically Social Sharing


2: Shortcode Embeds

The ‘shortcode embeds’ in a jetpack is a valuable utility and can come much handy when you want to embed YouTube videos. Sometimes, it happens that the client or manager is unsure of how to manage inserting videos, so shortcode embeds can make their task simpler at any time.

The feature is easy to use and supports different types of services. Apart from famous websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, it supports images, documents, Slideshow services, and even Google maps respectively.

3: Extra Sidebar Widgets

Through Jetpack plugin you get to make use of additional sidebar widgets that come handy at different platforms. The image widgets can be used for promotional purposes across social media, while a developer can embed Twitter feed while creating client websites as well. So, the embedding and sharing of widgets is becoming easy and is customizable through CSS.

4: Google Analytics Statics

Through WordPress jetpack Plugin you can track the analytics report with ‘WordPress Stats’ which is similar to Google Analytics respectively. You just have to visit your dashboard where you get to see your page views for the particular day. This is time-saving for the user and even nice for the clients because it ensures them that their website is growing.

traffic growing and Google Analytics Statics


An interesting fact is that you can view the good number of stats at any time. They include content count, page-views and Geo stats to name a few. You also get to see custom post types, number of users and the comments as well. Basically, WordPress Stats is for those that want to have a good overview of web traffic respectively. if you are interested to check your website analytics just click below link and finished your job. How To Setting Up Google Analytics On WordPress Step By Step Guide


Setting Up Google Analytics On WordPress


5: Enhanced Distribution

Your reach across social media networks define how well you sell your content and product and becomes the key to ad sales online. You need to ensure that your content is discoverable in all the major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

The SEO plugins enable the website owner to ping content to search engines to get the pages fully optimized for the posts to get shared across masses. Yet, through ‘Enhanced Distribution’ of Jetpack plugin you can automatically ping the content to Bing, Google, and other third-party services without hassle at all. In this way, these search engines will get to know that your content is ready to get indexed at the specific time.

6: Photos and Videos

If you think of adding some fun and excitement through images, Jetpack will do it for you. It had two to three interesting features to fulfill your needs at any time. You can use ‘Tiled Galleries; to display multiple photos at once and select any of the designs for the photo. Or else you can use ‘Carousel ‘to enable individual images viewing for the visitors to your website.

Another notable and handy feature is ‘VideoPress’ which is a fantastic player for any video to get uploaded to the website. If you need to speed up the process, you can use Photon that will allow your images to fly on to the screen respectively. On the other hand, there is a ‘Gallery Widget’ which helps to display a slideshow or a photo gallery in your blog or site’s sidebar as well. When the image galleries get displayed in the square, mosaic or a circular grid, it is a treat to watch for sure.

7: Social Sharing Buttons

Users love to make use of gorgeous custom sharing buttons for their brand or business. However, when it comes to stock standard and solid quality, WordPress jetpack Plugin offers a sharing module that enables readers to share posts across popular networks with ease and simplicity. Though it lacks the extent of ‘AddThis’ plug-in for hundreds of social services, yet Jetpack Plugin covers all the important ones for the users. The ‘AddThis’ plug-in is ideal for hardcore networkers only.

Social Sharing buttons

8: Contact Forms

Since the early days of web development, ‘Contact Forms’ have remained the bane of developers. Whether you intend to insert one or use a plug-in for it, it is a daunting task for verification and validation purposes. Though you will find countless plug-ins to help you to create custom web forms through the user interface, it can be a bit tough to go for a simple email contact form.

Jetpack Plugin provides a solid article submission platform to form through ‘Jetpack Contact forms’ feature. The user interface is a nice ‘thickbox’ and it uses shortcodes that are liked by the developers.

9: Subscription to New Posts via Email

As Jetpack plugin has a lot of features that really gives a user a different kind of freshness and enthusiasm. This feature allows users to subscribe to your Website and subscription really give you a great chance to get free with the people and this all is done by just clicking on Follow button. Doing this activity, the main advantage is that whenever your new post is published, your users can easily get the Notification through e-mail about this.

10: Publication and re-publication of content

Everyone is more familiar with the social media than me and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc are the best stages for publication of content. For this purpose, you can use “Publication and republication of content” feature which enables you to share your content on social media but after having a successful social media account and then a plugin will allow you to do so. One part is a publication, that is enough, for the second one that is republication means you can re-publicize your already published content on social media. For this purpose, you just need to select your Blog post section and then you will be given by the option of republication on social media.


So, what are you waiting for? Having interesting and handy features of the WordPress Jetpack Plugin is imperative for the growth and security of your blog or website indeed. if you have any suggestion related to the WordPress jetpack Plugin let’s start share with us in the comment section.

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