wordpress jetpack features (2)
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Huge List of WordPress Jetpack Features You Not Know Before

wordpress jetpack features (2)

WordPress Jetpack Features You Should Know.

Jetpack plugin is the best powerful plugin created by automatic for self-hosted WordPress sites. Jetpack plugin gives various kind of marvelous features that are available on wordpress.com to get your desires like speed, traffic, security, stats etc. so that you can become a professional blog writer. In the last article we share 10 reasons to install jetpack plugin on your dashboard, so knowing the importance of features of jetpack plugin, we are going to share WordPress jetpack features with all of you. We hope you will enjoy it and for great honor also comment us on your liked and favorite features as well.

Let’s Start Now WordPress Jetpack Features:


One of best WordPress jetpack features of jetpack plugin in WordPress is “subscriptions”. This feature allows your user to subscribe to your blog post through Email. And after subscribing your blog post they can easily get the information about your next updates and this feature will make excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen in this way.

2-Mobile Theme:

This is also a fantastic WordPress jetpack features, if you know because this feature does extra work to make your good relationships with your readers. The function of this feature is that it makes all themes user- friendly or make your content in a more clear and valuable form. In addition to it, if someone is visiting your site through mobile or smartphone, then this feature will automatically convert your already selected theme into user- friendly theme which is remote from reality. if you are interested or looking for user-friendly themes for your blog I have a surprise article for you hope you love it.

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3-Website Monitor With Time:

This feature of the jetpack plugin used to monitor your site with time and the default time of your country, I think so, is five minutes. After every five- minutes your site will be check or monitor through “Website Monitor with Time” feature and you don’t need to worry even a little bit that your site will go down because you will get the message via email about it.


As it is cleared from the name “photon” known as the fastest elementary particle. Therefore, this feature of the Jetpack plugin is used to load your images very faster through CDN (content delivery network). As whenever you upload an image, there is always a long process behind uploading, but this WordPress jetpack features help to upload image faster rather than reinventing the whole wheel.


Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are all good stages to post your content. “Publicize” feature will help you to publicize your content so that you can make a good relationship with your readers or you can increase your readers in this way. And surprisingly, this all can be done by clicking on ‘publicize’ after selecting your social media platforms. Yes, it is true and goes for that.


Notifications always prove very valuable because they remember you have forgotten things. So, this is also a very helpful feature used for getting notifications about your blog post’s likes and comments and all the others stuff of your blog.


This features of the jetpack plugin matter a lot and used for backup storage services and backup of your contents. Everything is the computer language is bearable except the loss of data, I think. So, this feature is used by writers and bloggers, to get the backup of data immediately. If abruptly, you are informed that your site is hacked or you have lost your data or something else like that, then what kind of feelings you will have. Therefore, before you come to know that, you have to start back up your data from now and this all can be done by just one click with the help of WordPress jetpack features.

8-Related Posts:

As you are more familiar than me about related posts, this WordPress jetpack features help your readers to get interested in your post. You can make the hyperlinks of your related posts. This may happen that newcomers on your website want to read your more reports, then the related post will help them. In addition, someone can easily find the post in which he is interested.

9- Your Website Statics:

This WordPress jetpack features also proves worth of great deal which is only used by bloggers or writers. The function of this feature is telling you something about traffic on your site, I mean, how much readers visit your site a day and what they want as well. After knowing this kind of information, you can easily take the further steps. Wow. if you are excited to check out further details of your audience and all the kinds of stuff of your website analysis don’t worry just keep silent I will redirect to you new article.

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10- Comments:

Commenting is also very important to know the satisfactory or unsatisfactory of readers. Using comments you can help your readers in understanding the things in which they are feeling difficulty and awkwardness, you can answer their questions and you can also share thoughts with your readers as well. Thereupon, this is helpful platform for associating. How cool?


Hope you enjoyed these all WordPress jetpack features as it is in very simple wording. Every kind of reader can easily understand it, which is the only reason to write in simplest form. Now you have to at least try to use these features after having the knowledge about some sensational features of jetpack plugin and let me know in the comments section about your experience.

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