how to make money through youtube (2)
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How To Make Money Through YouTube Step By Step Flowchart

how to make money through youtube (2)

Talk about YouTube, a video sharing website has become a revenue earning platform for many years. You just have to create a channel, market your skill or lesson, insert some ads and there you go. From simple tutorials to complex learnings, and make money through youtube is plain simple. It also happens that many that have a website, promote their lessons through a YouTube channel as well.

Make Money Through YouTube Step By Step:

1. Launch A Channel On YouTube

The advent of YouTube led to the beginning of vlogs or video blogs that embed a video supported by images and text or other metadata. YouTube is the best place to begin a blogging career  Not wrong if you can say youtube is the biggest platform for vlogging If you have a lot of awesome knowledge for video creating or something else video creation is your Hobby instead of context, the following step by step guide will help you to achieve your goal and make money through youtube.

  • Google Account: it’s your first turn, You can make a YouTube account by signing in to your Google account first. If you do not have a Google account, it is just fine. You can make an account on Google by inserting some details and creating a password for it. Then, you can move to the second step for your YouTube account.
  • My Channel: After successful login in google account in the next steps you need to move or login into YouTube, click on the drop-down menu located to your avatar on the top right corner. A new set of options will get displayed where you have to click on the ‘My Channel’ option.
  • Channel Name: Deciding on the channel name is the first step when it comes to creating a YouTube channel. You can use a different or catchy name or you can use your own name as well. Still, you have to keep in mind the sort of channel it will be before you decide on a particular name. Suppose it is a cooing channel, then select anything related to cooking only and avoid irrelevant names.
  • Quick Tour: When you settle or a name, you are directed to your YouTube channel page. On the top right corner of your page, you may see an option to take the quick tour of your new channel. It will help you to get familiar with various options to make further editing or customization for your channel.
  • Account Settings and Custom URL: If you want to edit your account settings, you will go to the drop-down menu and click on the ‘YouTube Settings’ respectively. it is best to choose a custom URL for your YouTube channel that looks professional and attractive. It can be as follows;

Picking a custom URL will enable you to promote your channel in the right way. The name can be used on business cards, T-shirts or other items and will be easily remembered by others. Just go to the YouTube settings page. Here, click on the channel setting page and then press on the ‘create custom URL’ icon that is present on the right side of the default URL. It may happen that you do not get the URL of your choice. Try adding some digits or words that will get your desired choice easily.

  • Social Media: You should link your account to multiple social media platforms to get better visibility and reach of the audience. In this regard, go to the account settings on the left side of your screen and click on the ‘connected accounts’ icon. You can link your YouTube channel with Twitter and Facebook profiles. Every time you upload a video, it will get shared across these platforms and that you should make sure that you save it every time you are finished.

2. Upload videos on YouTube channel

Once you will be set up your YouTube channel you need to upload contents in manners of videos make sure your videos should be high-quality pixel its means that high quality better ranking in YouTube search engine. Try to upload videos relevant to your topic whatever you want to share with the public audience and also keep in mind you will need to upload videos on your YouTube channel as a regular and show some love front on your audience with consistency. So let’s get started here is a section which you learn in a few easy steps you can upload videos to your YouTube channel. They are as follows;

  • First, you should sign-in to your Google account.
  • Then, click on ‘Upload’ icon located at the top of the page. You can choose the video privacy settings before you begin uploading the video.
  • Choose the video from your computer to upload. You can create a slideshow or even import the videos from the Google Photos. When the video is uploading, you can change the video format and the advanced settings for the video.
  • You can choose to notify the subscribers on the option that displays in front of you. If you uncheck the option, the message will not appear again.
  • Now, press ‘Publish’ button to finish uploading the public video to YouTube. Just click on the ‘Done’ icon to finish the upload process. Or else you can privately share the video as well.
  • Suppose you did not publish the video, then you can schedule it for later through the Video Manager setting of your channel.

3. Promote YouTube channel

After successfully upload the awesome content on your youtube channel you need to focus on how to promote youtube videos or build audiences around the youtube channel. To promote a YouTube channel you can optimize your video content so that it ranks higher in the youtube search engines. Video optimization is necessary for your YouTube profile and individual videos so that your content becomes discoverable in the different search engines.

The YouTube algorithm makes use of multiple items into the account when it puts videos to search results. So, you should focus on the keywords first that you want to get ranked and include them in the video titles, descriptions, file names, annotations, tags and the relevant fields of your YouTube profile. If you have an issue finding the right keywords, you can use ‘Google Keyword Planner’ or other notable tools online for the better keyword research.

  1. Secondly, you need to create catchy and attractive video titles. The title will be the first thing the others will notice and tempt them to see what your video is about. It should be attention grabbing and informative. You should keep it simple and to the point. You can search for video titles through ‘Google Keyword Planner’ and select one or two suitable keyword phrases for the title. Make sure that the video title only has 66 characters. If you exceed the character limit, you will be cut off in the Google search engine.
  2. Lastly, you need to use email marketing effectively to promote your YouTube channel in the right manner. After you publish videos, you should ensure that your target audience knows when you will post new content. The first way is through email as it is still the king when it comes to sales conversions. Email has resulted in 18 percent open rate and a 66 percent purchase rate. You can use email in multiple ways that are as follows;
  • Suppose your brand already contains an email subscriber list, you can reach them out by making them known about your YouTube channel.
  • If you have superb content to publish, you can create a lead magnet. This means you can advertise about it on multiple places of your channel and request the email address for your viewers to download the content. You can take help by using ‘OptinMonster’ tool on how to go about with lead magnets.
  • Create a ‘Call to Action’ on a card and ask the viewers to subscribe to your email list.

4. Monetize Your YouTube channel.

Congratulations, when your YouTube channel is up and running, it’s time for you to monetize it and make money through youtube. YouTube places ads inside or near your videos on the channel. First, you need to enable monetization for your channel in your settings. Given below is the step by step guide to making you active and engaging for your channel.

  • Sign-in to your YouTube channel account.
  • Select ‘Enable Monetization’ under the channel settings tab.
  • You need to follow the steps to consent to the terms of the YouTube monetization agreement.
  • In the Uploads tab of the settings, you will notice the green box having a dollar sign next to the videos that instantly become eligible for monetization. For those videos that are not eligible can be viewed under ‘Copyright Notices’ tab.
  • You will have to link an AdSense account to your YouTube channel. It is free to create an AdSense account where you need to have a valid bank account or a PayPal account with the mailing address to get the account verified. Once your account gets approved you will be notified by AdSense through an email. Or if you already have an AdSense account you can associate to your channel as well.

You should remember that for the video to be eligible, you need to have global commercial rights for everything present in the video. For more information, you can visit the YouTube’s Copyright Center on the YouTube page and should abide by the community guidelines and terms of service.

There are two factors that determine the revenue you earn through advertisements. One is the pricing of the ads and the other is the type of the ads that appear for your videos. You can make money by per ad click. Or else you can make a small amount per view only. Just ensure that the video titles, video tags, and descriptions are SEO friendly to get the best organic results.

5. YouTube Partner Program

When you get a good number of views on your videos almost 10,000 views with some targeted subscriber as per new update from youtube policy, your YouTube channel can become eligible for YouTube Partner Program. Through this program, you can access tools to increase your viewership and get access to venue sharing as well. As long as you have one video that has been monetized, you get enrolled automatically in the program. The application to get affiliated with the program is not required now.

  • Once you become part the program, you can check in-depth analytics for views and the ad-clicking habits. You can make use of special channel features that will enable you to broadcast a hangout or customize the thumbnails.
  • When your YouTube channel exceeds 100,000 subscribers, you will receive a ‘Play Button’ silver plague having the YouTube username and logo from Google itself.
  • You have to follow the terms and guidelines of the YouTube Partner Program at all times. If any of your videos get flagged due to a breach of rule, you will be removed for eligibility to receive ad revenue through the program. Always ensure that your videos comply with the given terms as mentioned by YouTube.


So, through a YouTube channel, you can brand yourself better and make money through youtube if you follow the steps in the right manner.

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