How to Set Up Facebook Account step by step guideline
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How To Set Up Facebook Account Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How to Set Up Facebook Account step by step guideline


If you happen to be the individual who has yet to use a Facebook account, then this article will help you a lot respectively. You will come to know of Facebook tips to make your social media marketing strategy experience rewarding and pleasurable for you. Facebook account has been around for over 10 years and has been used by ordinary people and professionals alike for different purposes. So, whatever your intention or the need, do not worry. Given below is the detailed guide to go about How To Set Up Facebook Account Step By Step Guide For Beginners and how you go about using it at any time for the different purposes.

How To Set Up Facebook Account Simple And Easy Steps

  1. Go the URL link
  2. One the home page you will have to enter personal details. They include Name, Email, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Gender and Password.
  3. Simply click to create the account on Facebook.
  4. Your account will be created after you confirm your phone number or the email address.
  5. You can also access the Facebook account through its mobile app that you can download from iOS or Google’s Play Store on Android devices.

How to Customize A New Facebook Account Profile:

Since the inception, the Facebook account has evolved much seeing the changing time and the needs. Before you do anything for Set Up Facebook Account you should fill up the details that will reveal your true self and others can easily find you on Facebook to connect and to share as well.

1. Timeline

The Timeline feature of Facebook Profile means the personal profile of you where you need to upload a cover photo, profile pictures, and other details. You can put your employment history, personal relationship status, and political views too. The feature is called timeline because you can include important milestones, memories, and other event details of any point of your life.

2. Friends

Once you Set Up your Facebook profile gets completed, you can search for friends, colleagues, and relatives through the search box present at the top of the website. Chances are very high that your colleagues and friends are already present on the network so you can send the friend request to them. You can search other people of your interest or area of expertise and can make additional contacts as well.

3. News Feed

When you make friends and add new friends it will help you to stay up to date with the latest news, events or other information like tastes, activities and they’re hanging out places.

When you sign-in to your Facebook account, the first thing you will notice is the News Feed respectively. Here, you can view the latest notifications about status updates, links to articles, new photos or future event too. You will only see updates in the order of timeliness rather than when they get posted. Still, if you want to view them in sequence, you can click’ Sort’ option in your News Feed and then choose ‘Most Recent’ for the chronological order to get into place.

4. Status Update

Through a status update, you can make your friends know about your activities and whereabouts at the specific time. You can even share news or videos, create a pdf or share interesting article or website as well.

You can create a status update from the top of the Timeline or from the News Feed. It is better to avoid sharing news or activity too often, as it is irrelevant and boring these days. Facebook should be used to share valuable information and to build good relationships.

5. The ‘Like’ Button

One of the important and most used features of a Facebook account is the ‘like’ button. It is used to show support for a brand, status, products, and articles. This button also has an impact on photos, status updates, apps, events, ads, comments and brands timelines.

The Facebook account like and share button also exists on external websites, social apps, news publications and shopping sites where you can share the link on Facebook. These websites utilize Facebook social plugins and when you like something outside of Facebook, it gets appears on your Timeline. So, your friends can comment on the link or the article. However, you should know that Facebook account keeps track of your activity when you share the external links to improve the quality of the ads on its website.

6. Brands

Many businesses and brands have their facebook business page on Facebook through which they promote business to begin engagement with their fans and followers. In doing so, they receive feedback that is used to make their performance better and to provide better value to the customers as well.

So, you should search the popular brands and like them on Facebook. You can follow your own interests for the latest news and offerings. Companies like Disney and Coco-Cola have millions of fans that are hooked to the culture and latest news respectively. The updates will appear in the News Feed section, and that you can interact with brand updates too.

7. Tagging

The word tagging for Facebook means to mention the name of the individual in the photo by providing the link of another user, status update or comments as well. When you tag someone, the user will be notified about it on the News Feed and the tagged photo will appear on his or her Timeline.

The tagging feature promotes conversation and can result in additional connections for you and other users. Similarly, when you check-in a certain location, you can add Facebook account friends who are with you at that time by searching with their names, and then tagging them. Just tag friends in photos by choosing ‘tag photo’ option that lies beneath the selected photo.

8. Privacy

As a Facebook user, you should be aware of security and privacy to avoid inconvenience at any time. Major kinds of privacy are as follows;

  • Inter-User Privacy: Suppose you have added your boss, then you can consider adding him to a list. Next, you can choose what updates he or she can view. You have the choice to limit few lists from viewing posts when other people tag you in a photo by making the change through the privacy settings.
  • Public Profile: You have the authority to control the information for non-friends that may view your public profile. You have got edit option for every feature of your profile that enables you to choose who can view the information.
  • Third-party Access: There are certain apps that require some access to your information before you use them. Popular ones include Pinterest and Spotify that will as permission from you to grant access but each has different privacy risks associated with them. So, if you feel unsure, you can turn off the access and even opt-out of Facebook social ads as well.

9. Facebook Apps

The Facebook apps allow you to enhance and personalize your participation through your account respectively. Facebook does add games, music, photo albums on its platform. Many of the Facebook apps come from outside developers that use its API algorithm. Yet, enabling every app means that you will be giving permission to access your information on the post and profile on your behalf. So, unless you choose to hide the activity, you should only use such apps that are reliable and recommended by friends only.

10. Subscribe

When you enable Facebook Subscribe tool, you will notice certain updates and features on your Timeline that are posted as public. This feature or tool comes sandy for journalists and celebrities who wish to interact with their followers and provide them access to the private profiles. You should not worry as you can control the information and can even opt out of this feature on your profile.

11. Facebook Messenger

When you open your Facebook messenger, you will find different options. You can transfer files or documents from your computer through the add button. Or else you can share a photo with a friend or to the group of friends. You can also send short audio clips to discuss and foster conversation.

12. Create a customized post

Suppose you don’t want a lengthy post to publish, you can use Facebook’s Note feature. This is a personal blog post that in Facebook’s network where you can share multiple images and paragraphs of text at any time. Moreover, you can find other notes of other that you can follow and provide your feedback as well.


Hope so this article really helpful for all of you Now, you can easily set up your Facebook account with easy steps. if are already enjoying facebook profile let’s exchange taste experience also if you have any issue regarding set up facebook profile feel free to ask me in the comment section I will do my best answer as soon as possible.

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