How To Manage A Facebook Business Page
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How To Manage A Facebook Business Page – 13 Essential Tips For Beginners

How To Manage A Facebook Business Page

What Is A Facebook Business page?

The Facebook business page is gaining importance seeing how impactful online presence becomes through social media websites. Whether a brand, business or personal website, having the business page on Facebook is vital to draw traffic, gaining greater reach and to achieve sales. If you have just started out with online business, probably you don’t know how to promote it on Facebook. However, given below is the step by step guide that will assist you to make and manage a Facebook business page on Facebook in an efficient manner.

13 Essential Tips For Manage A Facebook Business Page:

You should remember that Facebook business page resemble the personal profiles but include unique tools for the brands, organizations, and businesses. Your followers can ‘Like’ your page to see updates through their News Feeds section that is not possible with the personal profiles.

1.  Research:

A little bit of research always helps before we begin something. Likewise, it will be better if you find and follow Pages on Facebook that are similar to your business. Focus on what the big brands are doing in your niche, as this will help you to get an idea of what to post on the Facebook business page.

2. What to include in the ‘About Us’ section:

In the ‘About Us’ section of your Facebook business page on Facebook, your company or website overview should be written in brief. It should be similar to the one present on your website. This means you have to include some keywords in your description. Moreover, you have to include your website address and phone number as well.

3. Cover Photo:

You can feature a cover photo of 851 by 315 pixels at the top of your Facebook business page on Facebook. If you follow the Page Guidelines inside the Facebook documentary you can optimize it in a better way. This will help you to grab the attention of new visitors, provide an effective mobile experience and encourage them to know more about your business.

4. Profile Photo:

A profile picture is vital for your viewers to recognize your company logo or the headshot of yourself. Being found and liked in necessary for the Facebook Search. The profile photo is present on top of your Facebook page and is also set as a thumbnail image that gets displayed next to the Facebook page updates as well. When you select a photo, remember that Facebook has set some pixel limit. Your profile photo should be 180 by 180 pixels only.

5. Use of ‘Call to Action’ feature:

By December 2016, Facebook had launched call-to-action button for the top part of the Facebook page. This allows you to pick from seven built-in button options. They include;

  • Sign-Up
  • Shop Now
  • Contact Us
  • Book Now
  • Use App
  • Watch Video
  • Learn More

These buttons can be linked to any website and align with the business goals. You can use a button to link to your homepage, contact sheet, landing page and to the video as well.

6. Create Custom Page Tabs:

For your Facebook fan page on Facebook, the page tabs like About, Timeline, Likes and Photos have been set as default settings. However, Facebook enables you to leverage and create custom tabs that are like landing pages within your Facebook page.

The custom page tabs serve as ‘Call-to-Action’ through which you can post anything from marketing offers to case studies and other promotions on your Facebook page. They are located on the top right-hand corner of the page and navigates the visitors to the path where you want them to go. You can create the custom page tabs by going to the ‘More’ option on your Facebook page. Here, you will select ‘Manage Tabs’ icon from the drop-down menu. Next, you can any number as you prefer ideal for the page.

7. Focus on Quality, not only Quantity:

You simply cannot look to post too often on your Facebook fan page. The algorithms of Facebook will filter out irrelevant and poor quality posts that will lead to less or no viewership for you at all. So, you have to be selective when you post on the page.

You need to spend some time crafting better Facebook posts and that they have to be helpful, entertaining and interesting for the visitors. This means that you should choose appropriate topics, write compelling content and post it with relevant images and videos.

8. Pick the best time to post your content:

Since there are different time zones across the globe, you have to be mindful about it. Timing is dependent on a few things. They include the regions you are targeting, what purpose your audience achieves through Facebook, your goals (clicks vs shares), and the content of your posts (funny or serious), etc. Optimal times to post on Facebook;

  • Optimal times during the week include between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Thursday and Friday, and between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The worst times to post on Facebook are before 8:00 am on weekend after 8:00 pm as well.
  • The engagement rates are higher on Thursday and Friday. While on weekdays between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

9. Use Meta Description with Blog posts:

When you post a link to Facebook, you also see an image with it. The description is pulled out from the page’s Meta description that refers to the HTML attribute. It explains the contents of the given web page.

The Meta description is the brief information that appears on the search engine results page to provide a preview of what the page is. It also is the copy that Facebook will pull for the description of the post. Without Meta description, only the text will be found, which does not make for a good user experience. Moreover, Meta descriptions will allow you to sell your viewers of what you offer like valuable and informative content. So, the Meta description should only be of 155 characters or less in length. it should be compelling enough for people to click as well.

10. Use of visual content:

Since a few years ago, the timeline feature of Facebook lays stress on posting of visual content like videos and images. The use of images leads to two times more of engagement than those posts without them. So, compelling visual content should be used to improve your Facebook business page strategy.

The fact is that a successful strategy for the Facebook business page will include screenshots, videos, photos, infographics, and sometimes graphs as well. The visual content should relate to your business and be relevant to your audience.

11. Use of Facebook Insights:

Facebook offers an internal analytics tool that helps to analyze and measure your social presence on Facebook. It provides analytics data to the Facebook business page moderators about visits and engagement through traffic. The information becomes useful to determine which content leads to engagement and which does not at all. You can access the analytics feature by clicking on the ‘Admin Panel’ of your Facebook fan page.

12. Use social media buttons for page and website:

When you will add social media buttons to your Facebook business page it will your visitors to connect and interact with you on Facebook. This will allow you to spread your content and to expand your reach.

The follow button on Facebook will extend your Facebook reach by allowing your visitors to like your business page on Facebook by one click. This will show the number of ‘Likes’ for your page and the image of those who already like your page.

13. Advertising Tool:

Using the right advertising tool is vital and Facebook offers two types of such tools. One is the Power Editor and the other is the Ads Manager. The Ads Manager works best for many companies, while Power Editor is ideal for bigger advertisers who look for precise control over many campaigns.

You need to determine your business needs and figure out which advertising tool will fulfill those needs. This is dependent upon on your company or website size and on the number of ads you intend to run at one time.


it’s your turn, what you think about the Facebook business page is really helpful for business? if you are already using facebook fan page for your business please share with us your personal experience which one is the best tip for manage facebook page as a long-term business.


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