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How To Generate Sitemap In WordPress Site Step By Step Guide

How To Generate Sitemap In WordPress Site Step By Step - TrendsMark

How To Generate Sitemap In WordPress:

A sitemap contains the list of pages for a website that is accessible to users and the crawlers. It can either be a web page detailing the lists of pages on the website. Or it can be a document in any form that is used as a planning tool for the Web Design as well. At the beginning of the new century, many government websites had a link on their main pages called sitemap that comprised of all the pages on the website. Now, sitemap has evolved over the years and it gets published in XML through XML sitemap generator instead of HTML that is meant to get indexed on the search engines. The sitemap is important because it intimates the search engines about the content that is present on the particular website. This makes it easier for Google or another type of search engines, for instance, to serve it up on the search engine results page.

How important is a sitemap for a website?

Sitemaps are extremely vital for new blogs and websites as they don’t have enough backlinks initially for their individual posts. Without a sitemap, it will become tough for search engines to index the content on the new website that has to be discoverable in the search results.

The sitemaps will allow the website to interact with the search engine efficiently. Search engines can make out how often your website gets updated and which pages of the websites are updated frequently. This helps to improve the visibility of the website on the search engines. The WordPress sitemap allows the search engines to know which links are important on your website and how soon you need to update your website. The sitemap helps to better crawl your website instead of boosting your search engine ranking.

How to look your website sitemap?

Once you set up your website sitemap it looks like below screenshot which you can easily check all the kinds of stuff of your websites like pages, categories, and your blog posts and whatever you want to add and after adding the stuff the Google will make index depending on your shown stuff so that Google can easily send the users to your website as well.

what is WordPress sitemap?

If you have a new website or blog and wondering how to manage sitemap, do not look further. I will help you to create a WordPress XML sitemap in simple steps and to easily make it searchable on search engines respectively.

There are so many ways by which you can easily generate Sitemap in WordPress first turn is the Yoast plugin. One of the best ways to generate Sitemap in WordPress site with a few simple steps, just you need to install the plugin and after that you are able to  generate Sitemap in WordPress and the second turn is that you can add your website sitemap thorough online XML sitemap generator, so in this article I will explain both methods so you can select any of them and add sitemap for your website.

Let’s get started!

How To Generate Sitemap In WordPress Using Yoast Plugin

To begin with, the sitemap generator like the Yoast plugin for WordPress SEO is normally used to generate Sitemap in wordpress. This plugin will allow you to optimize the blog posts and will enable social integration. Moreover, it offers custom sitemaps like Video Sitemap.

The first step is obvious which is installing the Yoast plugin, after successfully installation, just go to the menu shown on the left side of your dashboard window and click on caption SEO then you will be given by a new page.

WordPress sitemap with yoast plugin


The last step is to just click on caption Features on the top left upside. Under the umbrella in these features available lot of options, just you need to scroll down and find XML Sitemap option and make sure that option should be ON. Now, Done your job if you want to check all the kinds of stuff related to the sitemap just click on the question mark (?) and see your sitemap.

Other recommended plugins help you To Generate Sitemap In WordPress:

  • Google XML sitemap
  • All in one SEO pack
  • The SEO Framework

How To Generate Sitemap In WordPress Using XML sitemap generator

The second method is for that kind of people who don’t feel like at home WordPress plugin so that they can easily generate Sitemap in WordPress and this method is also very easy

First of all, just open the XML Sitemap Generator and click on online generator caption. After clicking, a new page will be open which will be all about website information. This information consist of the following things:

  • Website URL address
  • Modified date
  • Change frequency
  • Default priority
  • The email address for informing you at the right time
  • Captcha filling
  • Click generate sitemap

WordPress sitemap with XML sitemap generator

If you have clicked on generate sitemap then you have to wait for some time. This time completely depends on your site content. For example, if a site consists of large content and data then wait will be long and vice versa. After finishing this boring task, you have to download your sitemaps file. The last one thing you have to do is just upload it to the root folder of your website inside of your website hosting.

How to submit WordPress sitemap to google

After successfully generate Sitemap in WordPress you should submit it to google search engine or as well as another type of engine for better ranking once you will submit a sitemap to google then you will be given plus point google automatically enhance your site ranking on the behalf of indexing. For submitting your website sitemap in google search engine just you need to go google search console and sign in with google associated account after log in you can easily add sitemap by clicking the add/Test button just you need to paste the URL of your website sitemap.

how to submit wordpress sitemap to google

The WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin will publish multiple sitemaps for the WordPress website. The main sitemap is ‘sitemap_index.xml which comprises the link to your other sitemaps. You have the choice to submit all sitemaps at once or else you can submit sitemap_index.xml alone. Google will automatically discover your sitemap or sitemaps and crawl them respectively.

It will take time for your web pages and sitemap to get indexed by Google. However, after some time you can view the stats of your sitemap that will show you the number of links that got found in your sitemap. Moreover, you will get to see how many of the links got indexed and the ratio of web pages and images that got crawled and indexed as well.

how to add wordpress sitemap to google

What to configure on the XML Sitemap page?

  • Priorities: You can set manual crawling priorities for a different type of content. Your focus would be to get the high priority for Homepage and posts page for sure.
  • Post Priority: You can set how to assess the posts’ crawling priorities. You can get the plugin automatically calculate the priority by the number of comments. Or else you can manually set the priority later on.
  • Sitemap Content: You can select the kinds of content to include in your sitemap. For instance, you can uncheck the box if you do not want to include the category of archives in the sitemap.
  • Changes frequencies: You can schedule when to change the setting for each type of the content when it gets posted. This will enable the search engines of when and how to prioritize the crawling. For instance, you will want your recent posts to get crawled on the daily basis and set the sitemap page accordingly.


When your website gets older, you should visit the Google Webmaster tools often. You will see more useful data about your website and how it is seen by the search engine. The information will enable you to make changes where necessary to improve the performance of the website on the search engines. I hope this article very helpful for you now after reading this article I am sure you can easily how to generate sitemap in WordPress let me know in comment section if you have any issues regarding generate sitemap in WordPress with the outstanding discussion.

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